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Personal Injury


If you have been injured in a car, bus or motorcycle accident you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, out-of pocket expenses, lost wages and loss of future earning capacity.


Your injury team at Kautz Law has the experience to help you with any injury or damage from soft tissue injuries, orthopedic injuries, psychological injuries to brain injuries.  No matter how your life has been affected, Kautz Law will work with you to make it right.


The first steps after a motor vehicle accident can be devastating.  Nonetheless, the initial steps in your claim are extremely important


Kautz Law can help guide you through reporting your accident all the way to settlement or trial. We pride ourselves on our motor vehicle accident legal knowledge and will ensure that ICBC and the insurance companies pay you what is fair.


Commuting by bicycle is now a way of life for many and injuries from bicycle accidents can be severe and debilitating. After the accident ICBC and the insurance companies will want to determine fault.


Contact Kautz Law immediately after your bicycle accident so we can preserve your rights to fair compensation.


Once you step onto the street as a pedestrian you are at a disadvantage.  If you are struck by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian make sure you contact Kautz Law immediately to help preserve the requisite evidence and make the liable party pay for your injuries and damage.


The law requires responsible parties to keep premises safe for you.


If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident the time lines to make a claim and collect the evidence is of the utmost importance.


To ensure your suffering is not precluded by limitation dates or legalities contact Kautz Law.


Motor vehicle accidents can cause many types of injuries ranging from broken bones, psychological trauma, brain injuries and more often whiplash and chronic pain.  Whiplash and injuries to the ligaments, tendons and muscles can cause debilitating pain.  You will require experienced counsel to help substantiate an often misunderstood injury such as whiplash.


Kautz Law will work with you and your medical providers to get proper diagnosis and the medical legal evidence required for your chronic pain.


Let Kautz Law ensure you get fair compensation for the damage and disruption to your life.


If you have been charged criminally for alcohol or drug related impaired driving our office has the expertise to take your case from charge approval through to trial.  Our lawyers have a winning record of success with impaired driving charges and will ensure your are vigorously represented.